RSS reader that doesn't think you should read feeds like email

We believe that RSS should be usable by anyone. We also believe that RSS is not email, feeds should simply wash by, commonly called the "river of news". Alertbear takes both of these concepts and introduces The Stack.

The Stack appears whenever a feed contains new items, visibly showing you them being added to the top. You can scroll up and down it, see unread items by their cream colour and star icon, assign colours to your feed categories to make them easier to spot, click the arrow icon on each item to see expanded information, navigate through the list with arrow keys, page up/down or the mouse wheel and easily clear the stack with a quick stab of the delete key.

With support for auto-discovery of feeds, a selection of built-in sources and a startup wizard that guides you through adding your own, Alertbear is built for simplicity and speed for both those new to RSS and the user that just wants something that integrates well with their browsing habits.



AlertBear 1.03